Energy is defined as "an abundant amount of power."

Energy is defined as "an abundant amount of power."

Carol-Lynn Fletcher

Intuitive and Coach


 Do you feel stuck?

 Are you surrounded by "toxic" people who drain your energy?

•  Do you tend to give people the benefit of the doubt even though your gut says "NO"?

 Do you have a hard time making decisions?

 Do you feel like the energy around you needs to be managed?

Are you  a business owner or

want to run the business of your life in a

more intuitive and effective way?

Are you  a business owner or

want to run the business of your life in a

more intuitive and effective way?

Discover what it's like to feel renewed, energized and focused.
√ Get unstuck
√ Have more energy
√ Make decisions with confidence
√ Kick that "toxic" energy out of your space
√ Discover your definition of success √ Be more intuitive
Intuition Intuition

  You could stop second-guessing yourself and make better decisions

 You could recognize toxic energy early so you could avoid it

  You could trust yourself more

Intuition–we feel it in our guts, in our hearts and sometimes it arrives as a quiet voice that whispers in our ears.


What would happen in your life and your business if you were able to tap into and trust your intuition?


Do you listen to your intuition or choose to ignore it? When you get that “funny feeling” do you dismiss it and give the other person the “benefit of the doubt?” How often have we wished that we had paid closer attention to the “funny feeling?!”


What if you had tips and tools that were designed with you in mind that expanded the opportunity for you to access and use the energy around you in the most harmonious way?







EnergeticBiz helps you understand what is happening in your life and teaches you how to access and trust your intuition with confidence. Each session combines coaching with an intuitive reading. This unique combination targets questions and gives solutions from a practical and energetic perspective. You are also given tools to be more intuitive.


The opportunities are endless to have a more productive, calm and peaceful life. Access your intuition, trust yourself and trust your life so you can be more available to gifts that are all around you.


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When I am going through life challenges, personal struggles, or am uncertain about what's going on with me at a deeper level, the person I call is Carol-Lynn Fletcher. If there is painful or unpleasant energy, or a problem I need to solve, I can count on Carol-Lynn to help move the energy and clear out my space. She goes directly to the source of the difficulty and provides what is needed to release it. She can read and clear a space either at work or at home, removing negative influences and setting the stage for good outcomes. You don't have to do it alone. Call Carol-Lynn for respectful and right-on assistance.

--Lucy Freedman, Syntax Communications Modeling Corp.

Author of Smart Work, The Syntax Guide to Influence

Having never been supported energetically with intention from anyone, I didn’t know what to expect from the experience when I asked Carol-Lynn to support me during a panel presentation I was a part of recently. There were about 9 of us all on stage, and we each had a turn to present.  When my turn approached I had a very distinct feeling of deep calm come over me. I was able to present my ideas from a place of confidence, passion and calm. It was quite an exhilarating experience to be looking out at over 400 people and feel connected and confident. I know Carol-Lynn’s intention and presence helped me have this experience and I am grateful for her huge heart and her unique gifts.

--Brad Britton, Brad Britton Coaching

Carol-Lynn is an amazing intuitive. I prepared a long list of questions in many areas: career, money, home, relationships and my own intuitive abilities thinking we would never have time to cover all the questions. Not only did Carol-Lynn respond to every question, we even had a little time to spare. Along with her obvious skill, Carol-Lynn brings compassion and wisdom. I felt peaceful and reassured after our session. Thank you, Carol-Lynn!

--Pat Duran, Medium and Access Consciousness Facilitator

When I first heard Carol Lynn describe her role as a Business Intuitive, I wondered if she could help me move out of this place of being stuck? What guidance could she give me?  My own intuition said “give it a try” and I have not been disappointed. I have been able to float ideas and get invaluable feedback, and best of all, Carol Lynn has encouraged me to think big. She provides an energetic incubator that allows you to safely grow into your vision or dream. If you feel that you have more to do with your life, or if you have questions about which way to turn in your business, I encourage you to have an enlightening conversation with Carol Lynn about how this process works.

Barbara Hoversten, The Golf Mentalist®


Before my first session with Carol-Lynn, I had a lot of frustration and in both in my business and my personal life. I was working hard but felt like I was beating my head against a wall. During my first session with Carol-Lynn I had more “AHA” moments than I could count. Suddenly things made sense and I had a new understanding of how things were playing out in my life...She helped me to reinforce my strengths, see where I was blocked and ways to clear my path.  Afterwards, I felt more grounded, more focused and calm. I continue to have sessions with her to help me go deeper...and stay on track.


I highly recommend Carol-Lynn.  She is my “go-to-gal” when I need clarity and support. Do not hesitate, do not think- just dial. You will be so glad you did!

--Lisa Stariha, The Happy Body Coach


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